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a Palestinian photojournalist, was born in Gaza in 1983. His passion for ​photography started over 17 years ago, and based on this passion, he ​dedicated his journalistic career to documenting events in Gaza until 2018. ​After that, he decided to move to Istanbul to continue his journalistic ​journey.

Shady works as an independent photojournalist, covering politics, culture, and social ​movements in Palestine, Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa. His photographs have ​appeared in several prestigious media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The ​Guardian, Europa Press, and Russia Today. In addition to his work in photojournalism, ​Shadi participates in producing documentary films and shares his expertise as a ​photographer for events and portraits. He is also a professional photography trainer.

His camera has witnessed the documentation of many humanitarian events, including ​wars and natural disasters. Among the events captured by Shady's lens are the ​humanitarian situations in Gaza, and the wars that Gaza has endured since 2008, ​including military escalations and the Return March. He also documented the earthquake ​that struck Turkey in February 2023 and participated in covering presidential and local ​elections in Turkey.

Shady's photographic journey has been characterized by the diversity of his artistic ​portfolio. He has participated in numerous art exhibitions around the world, including the ​"Gaza 2014" exhibition in Canada, the "What Palestine Offers to the World" exhibition in ​France, and the "Children of Gaza" exhibition in Rome, Italy, in collaboration with UNICEF.

Shady Alassar